The Curry Lane Veg. Restaurant
Wasl Ivory Building Shop no.3,
Near Karama, Post Office,
P.O. Box 62173, Karama, Dubai, UAE.


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Reviews by some of our guests

  • A veggie street food based joint that has recently opened in Karama, Curry Lane lives up to expectation. Ambience is fresh, lighting bright; colorful bottles lined up against the walls add that splash of color to the B&W theme. The restaurant is purely street food/chaat based. So this would be the spot to hang out if you’re looking for something along those lines or a light dinner. Four things that I particularly liked about the food – Great (almost homemade) Taste, Less Oil, Just the right amount of spice, Perfect portions. This was present through almost all of the dishes we ordered. For starters, we went for the sabudanavada and vadapav. Both were extremely tasty and surprisingly, very light. The tawa pulao was another one of the top favorites. Pavbhaji, cholebatura and mix veg paratha were decent. For a street food night or lunch thali (which I’m yet to try), Curry Lane will surely not disappoint!
    - Sneha Raman
  • Small joint located in Karama next to the post office. Quite a cute place with a nice interior. It stands true to its name as the food they offer are from the streets of India. Most of the dishes such as vadapav, misalpav, usalpav, pavbhaji. Besides that they also serve lassi, milshakes, soda, etc. We ordered the pavbhaji, misalpav, vadapav, mix veg paratha, and the class is tava pulao. Everything was good and was made spicy according to our taste. The tava pulao was outstanding and less oily compared to other places. They also offer cutting chai in the classic cutting chai cup which takes you right back to the streets of Mumbai. Overall, a good place if you want to taste the classic Mumbai street food.
    - Anisha Kumar
  • Great ambience and concept! Modernised yet crisp Maharashtrian touch to it. The Wada Pav and Cutting chai (adhrakwala) took the cake! The MisalPav, though lacked that 'zing'. All in all great cuisine and overall a 'must visit' if you are a fan of Maharashtrian fare..
    - Rajeev Castello
  • Rare occasions when it rains in Dubai, when it does all one craves is hot tea with some hot fried food stuff. One such day we decided to have hot wadas at curry Lane. Few friends got here to grab early lunch. We ordered wadapav, thali peeth, misalpav, Cholebaturay, corn tikki, and garam Chai. All the food ordered was perfect to Indian taste and delicious. Highly recommend this place for a quick bite. It's a pure vegetarian place but will surprise you with tasty food they serve. Love the interiors of this place, cozy place to catch up with a friend.
    - Jharna Rohra
  • This place is the ultimate venue for your throwback times to Mumbai or Pune. It instantly brings my inner "Mumbaikar" in me. The food in this place is absolutely Delicious, spicy and Truly significant street food if you are one of those that enjoy the amazing street food in Mumbai and Pune. It can be sometimes spicy but that is the theme of the restaurant and they stay true to it. I really enjoyed their Pulao and Pau Bhaji !Both of those dishes were Flavoursome and kicked my taste senses. I might just go ahead and say the biggest statement of the year - this may actually be the best pau bhaji I have ever had in Karama. I also gave a go to their cold coffee. I must say that those jugs are super duper cute. And the coffee was well blended and not too sweet which is always my worry when I order a cold coffee. So beyond any doubt.. Truly worth a try!
    - Ekta Gulabani

The Restaurant

The Curry Lane started in September 2015, by a bunch of passionate foodies who wanted to showcase their love for food. What other way to do it than to serve the best vegetarian authentic Indian street food. The restaurant takes utmost care while cooking each dish; maintain the hygiene and the traditional standards of Indian cooking. The look of the restaurant is urban and quirky, a reflection of its owners who love to present their sumptuous dishes in this fashion.


Cutting Chai… a must have for every one person who ventures out of home back in India. Experience the same with our stellar dishes the lip smacking Wada Pav, Misal Pav, Pav Bhaji and an all-time favorite dessert Mastani.


Great ambience and concept! Modernized yet crisp Maharashtrian touch to it. The Wada Pav and Cutting chai (adhrakwala) took the cake! The Misal Pav, though lacked that 'zing'. All in all great cuisine and overall a 'must visit' if you are a fan of Maharashtrian fare.
- Rajeev Castello

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